Date idea: Watch Rooster Teeth videos and make out with me

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The Patch sponsored by Kerry


The Patch sponsored by Kerry

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So The Fault in Our Stars movie started shooting today, which is amazing—so amazing, in fact, that I used the word amazing somewhere in the neighborhood of 41,000 times. Like:

1. It is amazing how many people are working on the movie, and how professional and organized they all are. There are…

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Give away time!


  • You don’t have to be following me but if you have any questions you can find me here :(x)
  • I will ship internationally
  • Winner will be chosen my a random number generator
  • Both reblogs and likes count (but don’t annoy your followers!)
  • Give away will end  August 30th
  • The winner will have 3 days to respond before I pick another! 


  • Any shirt from the Rooster Teeth Store
  • Any set of slap bands from the rooster teeth store
  • A Sponsorship or poster from the Rooster Teeth store!

Good luck! 

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36/50 pictures of Rooster Teeth

36/50 pictures of Rooster Teeth

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So I realized that my other giveaway was really Homestucky and I have followers that don’t like Homestuck that much so I’m doing another one.


There’s gonna be a first, second, third, and a fourth place winner.

FIRST PLACE: Anything from any of the stores listed above, a shitty drawing of your otp, and a slightly better fanfiction of your otp.

SECOND PLACE: Anything that costs $35 or less from the stores listed above and a facfiction of your otp.

THIRD PLACE: Anything that costs $20 or less from the stores listed above and a drawing of your otp.

FOURTH PLACE: I wanted to include a cosplay thing in this one too so you get a cosplay prop/wig/whatever of your choosing.


1) Like and reblog as much as you like, but please think of your followers.

2) You don’t have to be following me but I might throw in something extra. Notice that I said might.

3) You have to be okay with giving me your home address.

4) Hey it doesn’t matter if you’re in the US or not for this one.

5) Keeps your asks open. This one’s self explanatory

6) You have 48 hours to respond to my ask once you win.

7) Please don’t use a giveaway blog. Sideblogs are fine though.

This one ends on February 19 so you have plenty of time to enter.

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Red VS Blue

Jesus Christ, Burnie Burns is a genius. 

BTW, RvB’s music is incredibly awesome :3

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My mom said that if this post gets 500,000+ notes, then i can get a fluffy chicken like this one


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It’s GIVEAWAY time - and this one is a DOOZY.

600+ followers and a holiday giveaway merged into one!

This time there will only be one winner - and they’re going to get tons of swag.

The winner of this giveaway will get:

  • Sarge Beanie
  • “Keep Calm and Go Cakeless” tshirt - made to order in your requested size
  • Achievement Hunter slap band
  • Rooster Teeth slap band
  • The “Best of RvB” DVD
  • Mother of Invention mug
  • Achievement Hunter Boyband poster
  • Grifball Messenger bag
  • EXCLUSIVE ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME Achievement Hunter Holidays poster!
  • CON-EXCLUSIVE Grifball plush!
  • Plus a little something extra - a gift from me :)

WOW is that a lot of stuff. Someone is going to be a very happy Rooster Teeth fan.


  • Reblog this post to enter. REBLOG ONLY ONCE.
  • You can like this post, but likes won’t count towards your win.
  • Fandom (like fuck-yeah blogs or blogs run by multiple people)/ask blogs/non-personal blogs are not eligible to win. They can reblog to pimp the post, but they will not be considered in the final choosing.
  • Have your asks open around the time the winner will be announced - anyone with asks closed will be automatically looked over.
  • Reply to the ask sent announcing your win within 48 hours. If you do not, another winner will be chosen.

That’s it! No following me or any fancy requirements required.


Happy reblogging!

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Day 1338 #3
NINJA ATTACK, Fail.. double Fail.

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